Speed Dome Cameras and Their Significance

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Security cameras are made to track the movement of people or things for security purposes. Without them, more people will be tempted to do things that they are not supposed to do. Many people have different approaches to reduce or eliminate these instances but security cameras are one of the most efficient providing that you make the best selection. You can go for the ordinary budget fixed position security cameras or you can go beyond and try out speed dome cameras. Once you figure out their capabilities, you might be leaning towards these remarkable devices.


Also called an “eye in the sky”, a dome camera is a type of surveillance camera where the tracking unit is housed in a dome. These cameras are usually found indoors and are mounted on the ceiling so the camera can get a better view. Some of these speed dome cameras operate the same way fixed position security cameras do while others have advanced features like tilting, panning, or zooming. They normally come in black and white so you can choice which camera better blends in with the environment to make it less obvious.


The main advantage of speed domes cameras lies on their housing. Placing the camera inside the dome has several advantages compared to the traditional security cameras. First of all, it is not possible for the ordinary individual to tell which direction the camera is pointing at. As mentioned earlier, there are dome cameras that keep track of a fixed area while there are others that move so they can better track multiple areas. Since the dome literally masks the camera’s movement, people will always be uncertain and will never take any risks.

Since these speed dome cameras are normally mounted on the ceiling, it may even be possible for most people to not even be aware of the existence of these cameras. This depends on the exact model of the dome camera, but many of them are just specially made for disguise. When you look up in the ceiling and see a dome, you might think it is a light or some other component. With the ceiling so high, you can never really make an accurate guess.

Another advantage highlights one of the biggest reasons why speed dome cameras are the most popular surveillance cameras in the world. It is the fact that these cameras are very cheap with many models selling for just under $100. These budget cameras are already useful and have the basic advantages mentioned earlier.

Buying Guide

Buying the right camera can maximize your security especially if you are not on a tight budget. There are more advanced cameras that are weatherproof and vandal resistant so you can use them outdoors too. These cameras are also outfitted with infrared sensors so they can see during the night time. Others simply operate faster so they can cover more ground.