Ever Wanted A Spy Camera Of Your Own? Here’s Some Different Kinds To Consider

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We have all seen them on television and in the movies. The international spy is slinking behind enemy lines trying to find the top secret information. He finds the enemy stronghold and makes his way to where the plans are kept. He goes in, finds the safe, and extracts the plans. How does he get the plans back to his home base? He whips out his high tech spy camera and takes pictures of all the documents, of course! Sound like the story line of hundreds of Hollywood classics? Needless to say countless numbers of kids have grown up watching these sorts of movies and always thought that they would love to have a spy camera of their own. They have sneaked through neighbors’ yards pretending that they are that international spy. Now, with the advances in technology that have been made over the years reality has quickly caught up with fantasy. It is now quite possible to own that spy camera you have always wanted. From pen cameras to tie cameras there is almost no end to the different types of cameras that are available for purchase by the public. With cameras that can be used for true surveillance to those that are just for the hobbyist there are almost no limits to the types you can choose from. The very first thing to decide is what sort of spy camera you would like. You should also weigh your options and see what type best suits your needs as well.

Spy Camera Pens

You know that spy camera that the spy uses in the movies to take all the quick snaps of the secret plans? Guess what? They have existed for a good while. Spy pen cameras usually fall into the realm of the wireless type cameras. As such it requires a transmitter so that you can instantly send the pictures you are taking to a receiver which is usually hooked into some sort of recording device such as a DVR. It is also possible to tie the pen’s transmissions into a monitor that allows instant viewing. Many of the pen cameras that are available are able to transmit up to 180 feet and require very little light to be able to produce a quality image. One important aspect is that the one you choose should actually contain a working pen as well so that if you are stopped you can beg off that you were trying to make a quick note or some other such excuse. There are also spy pen cameras that serve as still cameras with a certain amount of built in memory. These can then be downloaded to a computer at a later time. If this is the type of spy camera that you would like to have then you should check out their capabilities. They should have a decent battery life. They should also have a high resolution if at all possible. It is better to spend a little more to ensure these features than to pay out some money and be disappointed later on.

Spy Camera Glasses

In a rather recent movie remake of a classic spy television show the main character wears a pair of dark sunglasses that have a camera embedded in them. He uses this camera to take pictures of his enemies and send them to his teammates. Who would have ever thought that this would be possible? Thanks to technologies capability to emulate the movies many imagined devices such as these have been made a reality. Glasses such as these can make very good surveillance tools in that they appear totally innocuous. No one ever suspects that your eye wear may actually contain a tiny camera that is capable of taking pictures or video of their every move. Extremely lightweight and easily concealed these glasses can have the camera embedded in most any part of them. With no wires to give away their existence these glasses are very unlikely to be detected. As with the spy camera pens when you go to buy a pair of these spy glasses you should make sure to get a pair that is guaranteed to have a long battery life and will take high quality pictures. Also, you must remember that if you get a pair of these that are capable of transmitting that the transmitter must be within 18″ of the glasses in order to capture the signal. These glasses can be very expensive so you will want to consider whether or not this is an expense that you are willing to pay.

Spy Cameras For Your Tie

Been looking for a perfect occasion to wear that tie you got as a gift three years ago? Why not set it up with its own spy camera? There are now spy cameras that emulate a tie tack in a most convincing way. Imagine conducting a covert interview with someone at work whom you suspect may be stealing company assets. This type of spy camera can come in very handy when you are in a situation where wearing a pair of glasses would be out of place and waving around a pen would be considered rude at best. The nice thing about spy cameras that function as tie tacks is that they can be available in a wide range of styles as well which would allow you to change out just as you would your normal tie tack. This would keep people from becoming suspicious as to why you always wear the same one. There are also spy cameras available that can be pinned anywhere on your tie and can blend in with the pattern of the tie itself. This sort of camera lets you get up close and personal with people without ever alerting them to your intentions. Just as with the other forms of spy cameras you should make sure that if you are going to transmit the images that your transmitter stays within range of the camera itself. This will ensure that you are able to record the images you are trying to capture with no loss of data.

Other Spy Camera Choices

If the pen, the glasses, or the tie camera are not right for you then you still have many other options. Your spy camera does not have to be one that you carry on your person. It can be what is known as a pinhole camera. These types of cameras are extremely small and can be hidden anywhere within a room. From the flowerpot near a desk to a bookcase, anywhere the camera blends in the best can make a suitable choice for a hiding place. These cameras can also be tied into a motion detector so that they only begin to record after their sensor has been tripped. From cigarette lighter cameras to buttonhole cameras there are a world of different applications where a spy cam can come in handy. For the ladies that are working in surveillance there are a few options as well. For the lady who is beauty conscious there are compact cameras that carry the camera as well as her favorite powder makeup. There are also lipstick cameras available as well. If you want to try to hide the camera in plain sight on your person then you might want to try something such as a flashy belt buckle camera. You could also hide one in a baseball cap. The possibilities are endless as to where you could place a spy camera. Just make sure that it is in an inconspicuous place so that you will not be found out.

A Final Note

One final thing to mention about owning a spy camera. They can be a lot of fun if used for amusement. They can also be a powerful tool for investigators as well. One more thing they can be is a good deal of trouble if you are not careful about how you use them. Remember to respect others right to privacy. Unless you are a professional conducting an investigation you should not use a spy camera on strangers without their approval. Also, it is immoral, unethical, and illegal to take pictures of others in private places such as bathrooms, changing rooms, and bedrooms. You would be well advised to remember these words of wisdom. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Other than that, have fun! Having your own spy camera can be a fulfillment of a childhood dream. As such you should thoroughly enjoy yourself. Remember also that a spy camera can sometimes be rather pricey. Make sure to shop around until you find one to fit your budget and your tastes. Next thing you know you will be sneaking around your own backyard spying on the family dog whom you suspect has been planning a coup for some time now. Well, you will be until the spouse comes home and asks you just what it is you are doing out there.