Dome Cameras – No Building Should Be Without One for Major Security

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If you are looking for a device that will capture all the movement in a room by video than you really want a Dome Camera. As their name suggests, dome cameras assume a dome shape and are highly recommended for indoor purposes. These cameras cannot be easily spotted so they are generally placed in the ceiling of stores, bars, office buildings and even warehouses.

Dome Cameras can be either wired or wireless. Either way these devices are a popular CCTV surveillance option because they have a clear view of the room from overhead.

These cameras are classified into infrared domes, vandal-proof dome, outdoor domes and indoor domes. One of the merits of these cameras is that it can be mounted almost anywhere since it can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees.

Recordings made by Dome Cameras can either be in black and white or color. However, recording in color has the best results when it comes to identifying thieves or other intruders.

If you decide to operate in a wireless mode, the security of the camera uses a wireless receiver and the camera, through the frequency of the receiver, is able to transmit signals that submit live video to a monitor.

Infrared Dome Cameras are ideal when the working environment has little or no light. Whenever the camera senses that light is becoming weak, their infrared LEDs are able to create their own light. They can also withstand any range of weather and temperature changes making them a great choice if you need security outdoors.

Dome cameras come in a wide range of sizes and are highly recommended for commercial purposes because they don’t protrude much from the ceiling or where they were placed. The IP dome cameras come with a high resolution that is better than the old analog cameras.

Lenses used in these cameras are offered in different focal lengths depending on the type of view or zoom size you want. The wide angle lenses are most often used although there is also an adjustable type called the Varifocal Lens Camera where you can adjust the lens manually to fit your view requirements.

Dome cameras are a popular CCTV surveillance option since they have a clear look that is as a result of their ability to conceal the wiring. If you are looking for an inexpensive product that will show you everything that went on in your facility then a Dome Camera will be a great choice. Everyone should have one to protect your home or other properties.