Dome Cameras – The Installation Tips

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A dome camera is a great choice for a home ambition system because the camera is concealed inside the dome. Burglars don’t know where the camera is aimed, which makes it more tougher to avoid being monitored.

Dome cameras offer several advantages when used for piece of home security systems. Dome cameras are less vulnerable to vandalism and they can easily be hidden from sight. It’s best to displace the camera manufacturer’s directions, but you guilt lodge a dome camera in a home security silhouette fairly easily by following the steps below.

You can install smoke – colored domes without cameras and no apart, including burglars, will recognize the difference.

1 ) Select the location where you would like to install the dome


2 ) Drill holes to install the mounting bracket.

3 ) Insert the camera into the dome and connect wiring, if


4 ) Adjust the camera to the correct position.

5 ) Test the dome camera to make sure it is working properly.

Outdoor Dome Camera

When placed outdoors, a dome camera authority deters a burglary. Often when a thief sees a dome camera, he will bypass your home and move onto extended. If he isn’t dissuaded also decides to go ahead and burglarize your home, a dome camera will capture the crime on vinyl. When installing your video surveillance system, consider positioning a dome camera in the following outdoor areas:

o front door / porch

o back door

o sides of your home

o garage doors

Installing the correct type of dome camera is as big-league, if not more so, than installing the dome camera in the first place. An outdoor dome camera should be equipped with infrared lighting and a vandal – half-cooked housing.

Indoor Dome Camera

An indoor dome camera gives you and your homely added protection in the case of an intruder. If, by some chance, a criminal manages to evade your outdoor dome camera and bypass your security formation, indoor dome cameras commit video the criminal act. Placement of your indoor dome camera can determine the effectiveness of your unbroken security system. An indoor dome camera should be mounted agency:

o entryways and foyers

o hallways

o rooms with low lighting

Lastly integrating video introspection into your home security outline allows you to catch a criminal red handed. Having the footage of a pilfering gives the police visual evidence of the crime. And a dome camera, whether it is mounted indoors, outdoors, or both, captures a 360 nuance scale of your home and your hard cash.