Dome Camera – 5 Features To Look For

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Business establishments will benefit a lot from a dome camera security system, perhaps even more than other security systems available. Its shape makes it look less obtrusive than other types of camera and is almost always tinted with dark grey or black so that people do not know whether it is recording images or not.

Features To Look For In A Dome Surveillance Camera

1. Weather-Proof and Vandal-Proof

One of the main advantages of a dome security camera is it can be used in the surveillance of outdoor environments such as parks, picnic areas, and parking lots. The dome covering that protects the wireless camera inside it is usually made of a tough lining and an even tougher outer casing that can withstand high levels of physical force, such as hammering, striking, or pounding. It will be quite a big challenge for burglars to try and dismantle the camera so they can go on with their business unwatched.

2. Clear, Well-Defined Images

A good dome camera should be suitable for both day and night use. It should be equipped with white balance, a feature that automatically adjusts the lighting so that it can easily capture images whether in daylight or in low-light conditions such as outdoors during the night. An auto-gain feature is also activated in low-light conditions so that the camera captures people’s faces more clearly. The LUX rating of a camera should also be considered. The lower the rating, the more appropriate it is for night surveillance.

3. Wide Range of Operating Temperatures

Most of the time, dome cameras are more durable than other types of cameras, but they also have their own limits when it comes to temperature. To prevent damage to your outdoor dome surveillance camera, be certain that it is not exposed to temperatures above 112°F. That is around one of the highest points of temperature of a summer in California. During winter-time, the camera automatically activates a built-in heater that protects it from the cold so it can still function properly.

4. 360° Coverage

Many dome cameras have a varifocal lens, which allows them to turn 360°, so that whether you install it at the center of the room or somewhere on the side, it can cover the entire area without you having to install a supplementary camera. This allows for continuous monitoring day-in and day-out.

5. Easy Installation

A dome camera can be flush mounted on a ceiling or can hang from a pendant in place of a light fixture. The latter is used in building lobbies or reception areas that have high ceilings to provide better recognition of images. Often the installation is easy and can be done quickly at little expense.