Bullet Security Cameras

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Bullet security cameras are great outdoor security cameras that are great options for home or commercial security. Bullet models are cameras designed in a cylindrical way so they look similar to rifle bullets, they are usually small and very difficult to notice. Bullet cameras are usually designed to be outdoor cameras, but there are also indoor models available. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and with a number of different features. Since bullet cameras are designed for the outdoors, most of them have infrared lighting, but there are also day / night bullet cameras available. Day / night bullet cameras can see in dim light, but unlike infrared bullet cameras they can not see into complete darkness. Bullet security cameras vary in lens size, range and picture quality. You can find color models, and black and white models, but if the bullet camera has infrared lighting it will most likely be a color camera that changes into black and white when it gets dark, because black and white produces a better picture with infrared lighting.

Online, individual bullet cameras can range in price from $80 to $400. The price of a bullet security camera depends largely on the lens type, the picture quality, and the features included. Varifocal cameras, which are cameras that use a lens that can vary in size without having to be changed, are usually more expensive, but have vastly increased applications. Bullet camera models that use infrared lighting and that are more durable and weather proof are also usually more expensive.